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The You Network - Franchising For Serious Investors

YOUR learning starts with our learning about YOU . . .

Your goals, your skills, your values, your needs, your family’s needs…that’s right. It’s all about what might be right for YOU.

Too often, people set about the process of learning something new with online surfing, book buying, and rote memorization in mind. Not only is this terribly dull, but it results in your processing FAR more information than you probably wanted – and possibly not gaining the information you needed.

Let’s start instead by saying that we’re going to provide you with your customized “Personal Success Strategy.” Because this isn’t about how much information you can swallow – it’s about how you can focus ONLY on gaining relevant information that is going to help YOU make more informed decisions about your future. And maybe, JUST MAYBE, that future will include franchising. (And, by the way, if we don’t believe we can find a fit for you in franchising, we’ll be the first to tell you. We will NOT waste your time, or any franchisor’s time.)

Your “Personal Success Strategy” will begin with your consultant requesting that you spend time filling out our Confidential Personal Profile form – as well as a profile from Franchise Navigator – an industry-leading profiling tool that your consultant will explain to you when you meet.

Your consultant will then spend time with you, reviewing your responses to both of these forms, and netting in a detailed understanding of your needs in a franchise. They will then discuss a customized “search strategy” with you – one that will allow you to begin to narrow in on new possibilities for your future, while answering all of your questions at the same time.

After a brief time, your consultant will introduce you to 3-6 different franchise companies that he or she believes are consistent with your needs. You will choose the 3 you want to first investigate...and then it’s time for the next phase.

Our “phased” approach helps you learn small amounts at a time – so that you can retain what you hear and see -- and not be overwhelmed with useless data.

Your “Personal Success Strategy” provides a customized path for answering your VERY specific questions.

Do You Have The “Right Stuff” for Franchising?

Our experiences have taught us there are a number of traits and values that are unique to successful owners — do these sound like you?

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Yes, I would like to take advantage of the free service provided by The YOU Network in the United States. I understand that submitting the following form to The YOU Network does not create any obligation. The YOU Network will contact me via email, or phone to provide additional information about the options and choices available to me. I will not be asked by The YOU Network to pay any fee for their services during this process.

NOTE: While all franchise investments are different, you should know in advance that you will need a minimum of $40,000 liquid capital (cash savings, securities, home equity) and a net worth of at least $300,000 to meet the investment requirements of the quality franchise companies we work with.

ALSO NOTE: If you have money invested in IRA's or 401K's, you may potentially qualify to leverage this to purchase your franchise business - without early withdrawal penalties. For more information, fill out the form below, and discuss with your consultant.

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