Joe Wagner

With more than 20 years of progressive experience in marketing and operations in franchised brands like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut and Subway, Joe will be a great asset to you in seeking counsel about the world of business ownership.  His ability to understand various franchise models make him an outstanding consultant to help you decide what businesses would best fit you and your family’s needs.

Joe has worked very closely with his franchise owner clients in his roles and knows their passion to achieve the American Dream, to win, have fun in business and in life.  Owners put their whole lives and livelihoods in his hands.  He took that responsibility greatly and considered it a wonderful privilege. 

Here’s what some of his clients say about Joe:

Franchise Owner at Subway:

“In addition to Joe’s great work and work ethic, he is a genuinely good person. As a business owner for 38 years, I can tell you that character matters and you will not find anyone with higher character.”

Franchise Owner at Kentucky Fried Chicken:

“I worked closely with Joe on several projects within my 3 terms as a franchisee advertising board chair. He is a proven leader. His patient and diligent work made sure our goals were met ahead of deadlines and under budget.”

Joe puts it this way:  

“Success in marketing comes down to people – their preferences, their interests, and their motivations – whether you’re considering potential business opportunities or key players within an internal team. I approach problems and challenges by making sure I understand the goals to line up the right solutions.

 I listen actively, ask questions, and conduct research to understand what motivates people. I’m naturally curious, and I’ve learned to listen more than I talk. Doing so has helped me craft marketing strategies that appeal to consumers in a target market and to put clients in the right seat to capitalize on their strengths. “

In his personal life, Joe today serves as Financial Secretary of his local Knights of Columbus Council #14025.  He, his wife and three daughters live in Bee Cave, Texas.  He may be reached by phone at 845-464-2000, or by email at