Michael Reeder

I am an advisor and I am going to put myself in YOUR shoes each and every step of the way. I am going to listen, educate, ask tough questions and be candid — all with the end goal of putting YOU in the best position to succeed as a franchisee.

I own two businesses. One is a CPA firm and the other is a digital marketplace / resource hub for the franchise and business resale worlds. My CPA firm has acquired two smaller CPA firms over the past six years, so I know firsthand what it is like to buy a business.

My CPA firm has a niche in the franchise industry because over the past half-decade I have been (and still am) the affiliate CPA of several other franchise consultants and business brokers across the country, advising their buy-side candidates (i.e., YOU) on the accounting / tax / entity structure / funding / financial projection / resale financial statement due diligence / item 5, 6, 7, 19 and 21 of the franchise disclosure document aspects of their franchise selection / investment process.

I work with small business owners and soon-to-be small business owners every day. I am an advisor to them all. I listen. I will listen to YOU, always, before anything else — even if that means franchise ownership is not the right choice for YOU at this point in YOUR life.

I believe in franchising because I have seen many people go from aspiring franchisee to successful franchisee. The common denominators among them all is 1) they invest in a brand that is a good fit for them, both quantitatively and qualitatively, and 2) they execute the franchisor’s business operation blueprint successfully rather than getting fancy with their own blueprint.

I look forward to getting to know YOU and seeing if franchising is a good fit for YOU. If it is, great. If it’s not, great.

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my wife Mimi, daughter Rayleigh and dog Opie. I am passionate about living a daily lifestyle that optimizes myself as a human being — the staples of my daily / weekly routine are intermittent fasting, cold showers, lots of walking and spending time in the sauna. I am trying to live to at least the age of 100. I am a White Sox fan, not a Cubs fan, which is why me and people from the greater St. Louis area always seem to get along great.