Carly Dennison

Twenty years ago, Carly Dennison embarked on her franchise journey as the Marketing and Sales Director for ServPro in Lexington, Kentucky. Subsequently, she transitioned to pharmaceutical sales with Triax Pharmaceuticals and Results RX.  Boasting a decade of experience in the field, she consulted with each client and created the training and development of product lines customized for each market.

Participating and investing in a household immersed in the franchise industry, Carly made the choice to leverage her expertise to educate and mentor individuals aspiring to venture into franchise ownership.  She aims to assist you in assessing each franchise, comprehending unit-level economics, being discerning in your choices, and discovering fulfillment through business ownership.

Carly finds motivation, drive and satisfaction assisting others in achieving their goals.  She is excited to hear from you, learn about what information you’d like to gain in owning your own business and get started towards your future.

You can contact Carly at [email protected]