Trending – Younger Franchise Buyers

We are seeing younger buyers who are in a better financial position than baby boomers. They can keep their day jobs. Many of them work remote or go into the office 2 days a week and have great flexibility with their schedules.

People are looking for portfolio diversification beyond real estate investments.

A franchise business that is scalable & where a family legacy business becomes a reality.

Folks that have worked for one or two companies all their life. They were planning to stay on until retirement. They have or are exploring employment opportunities when we connect. The thought of going back to the same “old grind” is not very appealing. At 50 or 55 they realize that the franchise option is very real & obtainable, especially if the significant other is working.

What Is Moving off the Shelves?

Service based,  home-based, less barrier to entry & faster to cash positive with lower overheads. There are more “semi-passive” brands in the trades than ever before, with more coming on-board every month. For those of you whose teams can deliver “customer service” you could soar with the eagles.

Health & Wellness-Explosive category with more brands entering the mix. We are not talking health clubs or gyms. Very reasonable barrier to entry with scalability on most buyer’s minds.

Property Mgmt.-Least amount of time investment on a weekly basis. Non-SBA financing readily available.

Pet Services-Three years in a row this category remains hot. Seven out of ten households have a dog or cat.

Beauty & Spa-Steady movement with reasonable investments. Some eliminating the receptionist with centralized booking.

Senior Care-Folks that have a background in managing people & are confident they can create the right culture. One brand excels at this with high retention rates.

Sports Oriented Business Models: Moving again. I had a client who opened during the pandemic, that is at full capacity and looking for a second location.