What advantages does franchising offer me – versus “starting my own business?”

Anyone who has operated their own business will tell you “you have to wear MANY hats.” One moment you’re the company accountant, the next moment, the customer service representative, and the next – the marketing director, and so on. It can be overwhelming. AND, because you have so many learning curves to conquer, your chance of failure is quite high. In fact, U.S. government statistics generally indicate that 9 out of 10 new (non-franchise) businesses started, fail.

Franchising takes many of these “hats” away from your plate so that you can concentrate on making your business, and your unique skills, work for YOU. The franchise company has already experienced the learning curves for each required function – and has worked out a solution for each one. So, when you purchase their proven system for operating that business, you also get:

  • Comprehensive training that gives you all you need to get started – including operations manuals and in most instances, back-room instruction, software, and support
  • Professional support staff providing day-to-day (or 24/7) advice and help
  • Easy-to-implement marketing and advertising programs THAT WORK
  • A network of other owners who have “been there, done that” who can help you accelerate your learning curve

The bottom line of the franchising model is that it offers you a business with less risk – as so much has already been done for you. Think about the popular Verizon Wireless ™ TV commercial – where “The Network” is behind you. In effect, this kind of “backup support” is what a franchise provides you, i.e., you are never “alone” having to make decisions in a vacuum.

You should also know that The YOU Network will only show you the safer and more attractive franchise business opportunities – those that have repeatedly demonstrated high levels of success. We also have YOUR interests in mind.