HOW do you know you’re working with the “right” franchise consultant?

You’re considering buying a franchise. You think you could benefit from working with a franchise consultant, to help you through the “new and uncharted waters.” You’ve read enough about franchising to learn there are a few unsavory characters and companies out there, and you want to make sure you don’t meet up with any of them — starting with the consultant you choose to work with.

Just HOW do you know you’re working with the “right” franchise consultant? A lot depends upon what you want. If you’re not really serious about buying, and you’re just looking for someone to “match” you to various franchisesto see what might turn up, there are many web services that will point you in a direction. But understand that their doing this is akin to providing you with a “horoscope.” Their “matches” are not based upon market-validated or scientific profiling, or even industry experience, as many of these so-called “consultants” have been providing this service without even having worked in franchising. So, in other words, you’re just getting their “hunch.” And in the worst of circumstances, these companies are only leading you to specific franchises they hope to sell you and gain special commissions from – so they don’t have yourinterests in mind at all. Once they refer you to a franchise, odds are you won’t hear from them, or receive much counsel from them, again.

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