How to Avoid Chasing Franchise and Business Scams

Unfortunately, they exist. We wish they didn’t. So how do YOU ensure you don’t get caught up in an improper business venture?

You’ve always wanted to own your own business. One day, while in a “dreaming mood,” you find this neat little franchise business online and decide to click for information. A representative calls you, and spends some time speaking with you on the phone. It’s a business that provides a product for restaurants – and not only does it sound like a product that would be in REALLY high demand, the company sounds like “good people” with which you feel you could get along well. You worked in a restaurant years ago in college and not only do you know the product is needed and would “sell itself” – it’s an industry you understand and enjoy. You’re excited about the possibilities! This just might be your chance to get away from that dismal job that’s slowly stealing your soul.

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